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enapply1>>Introduction of Homestay for International Students

Living with a host family gives you the chance to experience english in a real life setting.B302007 This will compliment the training you receive while attending an english language school. Have fun and learn more about their culture and language. Through homestay, you will be able to improve your english skills and encounter new canadian friends.MGP is an experienced homestay business all over Canada. All host families are carefully screened and selected by MGP experienced staffs. Host family information and photographs are stored in our database to help provide you with the best possible matchPlease contact us with any questions you may have on the homestay program and schools in Canada. Send an e-mail to info@mayfairgpcorp.com or call us at Mayfair Global Pacific Corporation

>>Homestay Program

B302004Living with Canadian family, many students can discover more about local culture and language, Students in homestays are able to improve their English skills outside of the classroom in a comfortable, friendly, and safe environment.

>> Homestay Program

  • A private room
  • Three meals per day
  • Access to laundry facilities, telephone, and TV
  • Only one student from each language background per home
  • B302002Counselling service for student
  • Airport reception and drop off if necessary
  • Host families are located 30 to 50 minutes from Downtown
  • Convenient access of public transportation by bus and train


activityStudents studying in Canadian ESL institutes, find that participation in a variety of recreational and cultural activities is central to their experience of this society and the natural beauty of the outdoors. The best communicative experience is to be immersed in the real language situations that present themselves on a daily basis and that can be explored in the company of native Canadians who are eager to share their experiences with foreign students

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MGP is located in Vancouver as Head office, having branchoffices, and Toronto as follows.

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